Dive into the evolution of golf carts with our detailed video comparison featuring three key models: a standard 48V golf cart, our mainstream 72V model, and the newly launched YAXI 4WD Hunting Cart. Watch as we explore the power and performance differences among these vehicles, highlighting how YAXI’s 4WD cart excels in rugged terrain with its superior 96V 15kW motor and 96V 152A ternary lithium battery. Learn why YAXI’s newest addition is not just a vehicle but a game changer in the golf cart industry, perfect for dealers looking to offer distinct, high-performance options. Discover the potential for increased store traffic and customer loyalty with our in-depth analysis. Perfect for enthusiasts and dealers alike, this video will guide you through choosing the best model for your needs. Explore the distinct advantages of the YAXI Electric 4WD Hunting Cart for your golf cart dealership. In an industry plagued by homogeneity, this true 4WD model stands out, designed to attract real enthusiasts and boost store traffic and profitability. Offering not just performance but a significant market differentiator, this cart ensures customer retention and enhances your brand recall. Customize its design exclusively for your store, with a minimum order of just one 20-foot container, or four units, to start our successful partnership. Revolutionize your offerings and lead the market with YAXI.


Discover the YAXI Electric 4WD Hunting Cart, now available with flexible power options. Switch effortlessly between 2WD and 4WD to adapt to any terrain, enhanced by a differential lock for optimal performance. This advanced electric vehicle comes with a 96V 15kW permanent magnet motor and a 96V 105A lithium iron phosphate battery, ensuring top speeds of 45 km/h. Available in pricing tiers starting from $10,900 for 1-3 units, $10,300 for 4-8 units, and $9,900 for orders of 9 or more. Pre-order now with a delivery period of 3 months and conquer the outdoors with YAXI.


Experience the robust 4WD capabilities of YAXI’s Electric 4WD Hunting Cart in our latest video demonstration. Watch as we test the vehicle’s all-wheel drive performance, with all four wheels powerfully spinning even while lifted off the ground. This showcases the vehicle’s superior traction and power, perfect for navigating challenging terrains.


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Founded in 1984, Wuxi Yaxi is an early pioneer in the private motorcycle industry. Guided by the principle of “integrity first, serving the public,” the company gradually expanded its business and became a well-known enterprise by the late 1980s. In 2001, the company underwent a transformation and upgrade to venture into electric vehicles, leading to the establishment of “Wuxi Yaxi Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.”

Remaining faithful to tradition and leveraging profound technical expertise, we embrace the business philosophy of “independent research and development, leading technology, top-notch service, and integrity-based practices.” We have introduced a range of electric special vehicles and secured over 30 patents. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries across five continents, earning unanimous acclaim.

For nearly 20 years, our unwavering focus has been on the production and performance enhancement of electric golf carts!
Explore the Complete Yaxi Range! Alongside our latest models, we offer an extensive selection of Yaxi golf carts on our comprehensive website. Each model is designed with precision and style to meet diverse needs. To discover all that Yaxi has to offer, please visit [YAXI Full Range Website] for detailed information and specifications on every model we craft. Your perfect golf cart experience awaits!

Automobile-Level Independent Suspension

  1. Smooth Ride: Ensures a smoother, more comfortable ride on various terrains, enhancing passenger comfort.

  2. Improved Handling: Enhances maneuverability, making it easier to navigate tight turns and obstacles.

  3. Stability: Provides better stability during cornering, reducing the risk of tipping over on uneven ground.

  4. Optimized Traction: Each wheel maintains better contact with the ground, enhancing grip and traction.

  5. Reduced Wear: Minimizes wear and tear on the vehicle, extending the lifespan of components.


Customize Everything, We Create Everything You Imagine for You

Yaxi has experienced engineers and excellent production personnel. Through communication with you, we can transform your needs into reality and bring you unique customization.

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Personalized to the End, Exclusively for Players

Yaxi Golf Cart Highlights

Yaxi uphold the tradition, rely on profound technical accumulation, and believe in the business philosophy of “independent research and development, leading technology, first-class service, and integrity-based”. We have launched a series of special electric vehicles and obtained more than 30 patents. The products are exported to more than 30 countries on five continents worldwide and have won unanimous praise.
  1. Long-Range Battery Performance: Vehicles equipped with a 72V high-performance lithium battery, enabling a range of up to 200 kilometers on a single charge.
  2. High-Efficiency Motor: Features a robust 5/7.5 kW AC motor for powerful and efficient performance.
  3. Sophisticated Control System: Integrated with a Curtis/Enpower intelligent controller for precise vehicle operation.
  4. Interactive Dashboard: An LCD touch screen display dash with a stereo system, enhancing the user interface and entertainment experience.
  5. Durable and Lightweight Construction: Anti-rust chassis with an optional aluminum frame to reduce weight and increase longevity.
  6. Advanced Braking System: Equipped with four-wheel disc brakes for reliable stopping power and an auto-hold function for added safety.
  7. Customization and Comfort: Luxury seats available in all colors, providing comfort and personalization options from Pantone/Ral for OEM/ODM orders.

Additional Functional Features:

  • Rear Flip Seat with Cooler: For versatile use and convenience.
  • Larger Tire and Wheel Size: For improved traction and handling.
  • Street Legal Safety Features: Including turn signals, side mirrors, and a back-up camera for road use compliance

Enhanced Convenience:

  • USB Charger: To keep devices charged on the go.
  • Higher Ground Clearance: For better navigation over varied terrain.

Luxury Enhancements:

  • LED Waterfall Lights (optional): For aesthetic appeal.
  • Upgraded Sound System (optional): With subwoofer for an immersive audio experience.
  • Safety Additions: DOT windshield, 2/3 point seat belts, and 14’ aluminum wheels.

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After-Sales Support

1. One-on-One Guide to Product Installation Support

When you receive Yaxi products for the first time and don’t know how to install them, we will provide a comprehensive video installation guide. If you want to consult on some details during installation, our technicians will be online at any time via WhatsApp.

2. Store Location Selection Support

This support is specially prepared for cross-industry buyers. When you don’t know where to place your store to get better customer flow and more professional players, we will use our rich seller experience to give you the most professional and pertinent advice. Suggestions to help you start your business more steadily.

3. Exclusive Golf Cart Configuration Support

When you are struggling with the fact that the products in your store are similar to those of your competitors and cannot attract the attention of professional players, Yaxi will customize a vehicle configuration unique to your store, with a unique appearance, higher battery life, and stronger More power, more luxurious seats, and various unique configurations will take your business to a higher level.

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Yes, we customize vehicles as per customer’s speical request with reasonable cost and lead time, as long as the
customization is not related to the chassis modification.

We provide 1 year warranty. And for any failed part under warranty, if it can be repaired at your side and the repair cost is lower than the valve of the part, we will cover the repair cost. Otherwise, we will send replacements and cover the freight cost if any.

Yes, we provide all the spare parts to our vehicles, even 5 years after we stop the production of the vehicle. For your easier working to select the spare parts, we also supply parts manual.

Yes, we provide technical support by email and phone. If necessary, we can also send our engineer to your place.

When the vehicle is in SKD way, the reassembly is just bolt and nut work, it is not difficult at all. Unless you have the assembly capability, we do not sell the vehicles in CKD way. If you do have bigger volume, we can send our people to give instructions.

Yes, as long as the order quantity is reasonable (yearly 300-500 units), we will accept.

For new customers, our typical payment term is ‘T/T 30% deposit against order confirmation, T/T 70% before container loading. Irrecoverable L/C at sight is also acceptable. For old customers, our payment term can be more flexiable. Please contact us for more information.

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